5 Reasons Why a Government Job May Be Better Than a Private Job


5 Reasons Why a Government Job May Be Better Than a Private Job


There’s no question that the field of government jobs has declined over the past decade, but that’s not to say that there aren’t still plenty of government jobs to be had! In fact, some argue that government jobs offer certain benefits that private sector jobs simply can’t provide. Here are 5 reasons why a government job may be better than a private job.


5 Reasons Why a Government Job May Be Better Than a Private Job

1) The stability

A lot of people assume that private sector jobs are more stable than government jobs. However, in today’s job market, those working for a government agency enjoy just as much job security and stability as those working for private companies. In fact, if you work for a public school or non-profit organization, your job is likely to be even more secure than one at a large corporation.


2) The satisfaction

An employee of a private company may feel disconnected from their work. Someone in government, however, knows that they are making valuable contributions to society through their job. Government jobs often have direct impacts on individuals’ lives, which can be very rewarding. In addition, working for a public agency gives employees access to services and benefits not offered by most private companies. For example, many public workers enjoy free health care and tuition reimbursement at local colleges and universities.


3) The health care

Public employees typically have more generous health benefits, for themselves and their families, than private-sector workers. This could be especially important if you’re planning to start a family in your early 20s. You may also get better vacation time and job security. The only catch is that many government jobs are unionized, which means you may not be able to negotiate your salary as easily as you would in a private sector job.


4) The end-of-service benefits

In most government jobs, you’ll have better end-of-service benefits than in private companies. For example, your pay will be higher and you’ll receive pension benefits based on your years of service. Even if you don’t plan to retire from your job, it’s nice to know that there is a safety net for when you do decide to leave. Also, because of limited opportunities within certain departments (such as law enforcement), government jobs tend to attract people who are career oriented and passionate about their work.


5) Low stress levels

Working for government means less pressure than working in a private firm. In public sector jobs, employees are usually not as concerned about being fired and generally enjoy job security. They also tend to work more regular hours and have lower levels of job stress. This means that they may be able to take time off when they need it without worrying about losing their job. In fact, many government workers can retire with full benefits at age 55 or 60 (or earlier).

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