How to answer the question, Why do you want to work here?


How to answer the question, Why do you want to work here?


If you’re looking to land a job with a particular company, one of the first questions you’ll be asked during an interview will be Why do you want to work here? How you answer this question can make or break your chances of getting the job. Don’t try to offer up generic answers like I love your company or I really like the benefits package – these answers won’t impress anyone and they may even come across as disingenuous. If you really want the job, then show it!


How to answer the question, Why do you want to work here?

Ditch your pre-written cover letter.

If you’re going to be honest in your cover letter about why you want to work for a company and how excited you are about their products or services, then there is no need for a pre-written cover letter. Customize each application by writing about what you can bring to that specific company and position. You will stand out from other applicants by showing that you care enough to take time to think through what it is they do and how you can add value.


Share an authentic story about how your skills could add value to the company

It’s easy to get caught up in a prove-yourself mentality when it comes to interviewing for jobs. But that mentality isn’t necessarily productive. Instead of focusing on proving your worth to a company, focus on how your skills could add value to their organization. You don’t have to be an expert at something; if you can demonstrate how your skill set is valuable and relevant, then you will be able to sell yourself as a potential employee.


Keep it short and sweet

The key to a great Why do I want to work here answer is simply brevity. The employer doesn’t want to hear your life story—instead, they just want a snapshot of who you are as a professional. This also means that it’s important not to be too general in your response. Instead, focus on one or two specific reasons why you would be an asset to their company and how those reasons align with their business goals and culture.


End with a friendly call-to-action

When writing a business plan, it’s important to end with a call-to-action that gets your future employees excited and gives them easy instructions on how they can apply for your open position. In addition to including contact information, mention what types of candidates you are looking for (if applicable) and ask them if they have any questions or concerns about your company or job description.

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