How to Find a Job Vacancy (Without Pulling Your Hair Out)


How to Find a Job Vacancy (Without Pulling Your Hair Out)


You’ve searched and searched, but no luck—there are no vacancies that seem to be the right fit for you. Maybe your desired salary or skill set doesn’t match the company’s requirements, or maybe you just can’t find an opening that isn’t already filled by one of your existing contacts, who may not even be looking to move on. Don’t worry! It’s all part of the process, and there are plenty of ways to find a job vacancy that will get you where you want to go professionally in no time.


How to Find a Job Vacancy (Without Pulling Your Hair Out)

Set up Google Alerts

Setting up Google Alerts for your desired field can help keep you up-to-date on current job postings. You can also set them up for keywords that reflect what type of position you’re looking for, like administrative assistant or financial analyst. By setting these alerts up in advance, you’ll have time to research each posting and tailor your resume and cover letter accordingly.


Follow Companies On Social Media

Social media is an easy, low-cost way of keeping tabs on businesses. You can follow them on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. This allows you to see what they’re up to, what their company culture is like and how many vacancies they have available. It also gives you a chance to build relationships with companies that you might be interested in working for.


Create A Resume and Cover Letter

A resume and cover letter can be used as a quick and convenient way to demonstrate your qualifications. It’s always good to have one on hand. A well-written resume that highlights your experience, education, skills and talents will get you noticed. A cover letter should be short and succinctly highlight why you’re qualified for that specific job.


Go For A Job Interview

It may seem daunting, but job interviews are just another opportunity for you to showcase what you’re capable of. Here are some tips on how to ace your next interview. 1. Research the company before your interview and make sure you have examples ready about why you would be a good fit for them. 2. Arrive early so that there is no chance of being late 3.


Write An Application Letter or Email

Sometimes you’ll want to apply for jobs before they are even advertised. If you can, send an application letter or email that shows your interest in working for that company. This is also a good way to get noticed by recruiters who might have positions available but haven’t posted them yet. Keep in mind that many companies won’t consider unsolicited applications.

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