Overseas Employment Promoters - Do They Really Help You Find a Job?


Overseas Employment Promoters - Do They Really Help You Find a Job?


Overseas employment promoters are companies that claim to help you find an overseas job by placing your resume on their website or finding employers who want to hire you. But do they really help you find a job? And how do they make money? In this article, we’ll look at the benefits and disadvantages of using overseas employment promoters, so you can decide if it’s worth paying them for their services.


Overseas Employment Promoters - Do They Really Help You Find a Job?

There are two types of overseas employment promoter

(1) staffing agencies, which handle resumes and job placements; and (2) overseas employment consulting firms, which work with companies to help them understand labor trends in foreign countries. Overseas employment promoters can help you land your dream job abroad.


It is important to find out what companies they have experience with

Before you sign up for anything, make sure you know what company they have experience with. If they have never worked with one of your target companies, it is likely they will not be able to help you. It’s better to pay a little more money and go through an agency that has connections than to go through someone who doesn’t have any contacts in that industry.


Both job seekers and employers should understand the risks involved in this type of service

job seekers should be careful to avoid scams and employers should realize that overseas employment promoters are not a substitute for good recruitment practices. In short, if you’re looking for work in another country, you’re better off doing it yourself than paying someone else to do it for you.


Four mistakes that make it hard to find a job through an intermediary

1.Hiring an intermediary without doing thorough research about them. 2. Not thinking about what kind of job you want to apply for before contacting an overseas employment promoter. 3. Not having all your documents ready when applying through an intermediary. 4. Expecting that an overseas employment promoter will find you a job that is perfect for you, and not being willing to compromise on some things, such as salary or location.


Four tips on how to make it easier to find a job through an intermediary

1. Always ask to see their visa and employment licenses 2. Ask to meet with past clients, not just testimonials 3. Meet in person or on Skype, rather than over email 4. Don’t pay anything up front , except for an initial consultation fee (if they are truly legit)

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