The Top 10 Government Jobs with the Most Vacancies


The Top 10 Government Jobs with the Most Vacancies


As more and more people are feeling the pressure of finding jobs in today’s economy, government jobs may seem like an appealing option. These positions are often secure, with steady pay and full benefits, so they may seem like the obvious choice when seeking employment. However, there are some downsides to these jobs that you should know about before you decide if this is the right career path for you. The following list outlines the top 10 government jobs with the most vacancies that you should consider before choosing this path as your own. For more info on any of these positions, see the resources listed below.


The Top 10 Government Jobs with the Most Vacancies

1) Data Entry Operator

If you have a typing speed of 50 wpm, then data entry operator is your best shot at landing a job. A data entry operator typically enters data into a computer system. The data can be anything from customer information to information about transactions and other business records. The average salary for a data entry operator is $28,000 per year.


2) Lower Division Clerk

Lower Division Clerks perform clerical duties that require basic to intermediate knowledge of office procedures and practice. Example: analyzing information and providing answers to inquiries, filling out paperwork and copying documents.


3) Stenographer

This government job requires you to take dictation and type out what you’ve heard. The government needs employees like these for its own documents, but other businesses may also seek stenographers for their legal or medical documents.


4) Time Keeper

Keeping track of your time helps you manage your workload and make more efficient use of your day. Try using an app like RescueTime to measure how you spend your time, so you can become more aware of where your productivity lags.


5) Tele Typist

Tele-typists sit in front of a computer and enter information as it is dictated to them by telephone. The National Commission for Enterprises in the Unorganised Sector (NCEUS) has predicted that jobs like these will increase 20% by 2020.


6) Lower Division Clerk Grade II

Lower Division Clerk Grade II is one of India’s most sought-after government jobs. It requires good communication skills, sharp memory and a high degree of accuracy. The job also involves working in an office environment for long hours at a stretch, so it isn’t suited to everyone. But if you want to make your career in administration, then there are few better places to start than here.


7) Personal Assistant (Grade I/II/III)

If you enjoy assisting others and are organized, a personal assistant position may be for you. The ability to work long hours without taking time off is required in order to maintain all of your clients’ schedules. A bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience is preferred but not necessary for these positions.


8) Group C Non-Gazetted Posts in Central Govt Departments

Group C posts are non-gazetted jobs. Group C post holders mostly perform support roles for other staff, and include various types of administrative personnel such as clerks, typists, stenographers and bookkeepers. The most common group C post is that of a peon or attendant.


9) Cashier Grade I, II & III in Central Govt Departments

It’s a common misconception that you need to be an engineer or study something technical to be in government service. People often overlook government jobs that require lower levels of education and experience, but can provide good incomes and stable careers.


10) Junior Hindi Translator (Hindi to English)

The Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations (DEEWR) is looking for a Junior Hindi Translator to assist in translations of key government documents into Hindi. This role would suit someone who has an interest in languages and translation work. You will be working within DEEWR’s National Office located at Barton ACT 2600.

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