The Top Five Jobs for Girls - and Why They're Great!


The Top Five Jobs for Girls - and Why They're Great!


Sure, boys get the lion’s share of the praise when it comes to choosing jobs and careers, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of excellent career options out there for girls! Choosing a job or career path can be an exciting step in your life and there are so many wonderful careers available to women – you just have to know where to look! That’s why we’ve gathered up our top five jobs for girls and offered up reasons as to why they’re ideal for women of all ages and experience levels! Check out our list below!


The Top Five Jobs for Girls - and Why They're Great!


A job as an accountant might seem boring, but not to girls who love numbers. Counting is great fun when you get paid to do it! Plus, accounting firms often have a lot of flexibility in terms of hours and vacation time. That means if you want to take off early on Friday so you can hit up happy hour with your friends, no one will complain.


Dental Hygienist

Dentists aren’t always seen as one of those female-friendly professions, but you’d be surprised at how many women are dominating in dental hygiene. Hygienists can make a lot of money and work flexible hours, so it’s a great choice for working moms who want to make a difference in people’s lives while still being able to spend time with their families.


Physical Therapist

A great job for girls because it offers a real sense of helping people as well as good wages. Since physical therapists work in many different environments, from hospitals to private practices, there are lots of opportunities to choose from. The downside is that you may have to spend some time getting specialized training before you can get hired.



If you’re a girl, librarian is a great career choice. It allows you to be active, social, smart (because of all those books), pretty much do what you want, and be respected by everyone around you. Plus, if you get bored with it or don’t like it anymore, there are plenty of other jobs that allow you to work with books. You can also become an editor at a publishing company or start your own publishing company!



Working with children is a rewarding experience, as you’ll be able to see them grow up. You can also work part-time while in college if you want to earn some extra cash. If you’re looking for a career that will help give back to your community, becoming a pediatrician may be just what you need. Plus, it’s great for girls who like kids!

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